Unregistered ODE – 6th May 2012

Any other placing please contact via email and I’ll let you know.

Class 1 – Open Novice

Place Rider Horse
1st Susie Culloty George
2nd Sahnya Shiels Alexa
3rd Susie Colloty Lenni
4th Allan McSweeney Billy
5th Fergal Nesbitt Billy
6th Claire O’ Rourke Rocka Fella

Class 3 – Pre-Novice (Senior)

Place Rider Horse
1st Jason Furlong Badger
2nd Gretta O’ Mahony Christopher Robin
3rd Allan McSweeney Cavie
4th Ann O’ Grady Zeal
5th Ann O’ Grady Chloe
6th Terence Leonard Calvin

Class 4 – Pre-Novice (Junior)

Place Rider Horse
1st James Meagher Buffalo Soldier
2nd Norma Magnier Indi
3rd Anna Neubeck Mo
4th Jamie Byrnes Disco Dancer
5th Emily Clifford Greenhills Willow
6th Alison Geary Apache Bob

Class 5 – Intro (Senior)

Place Rider Horse
1st Barbera Gleeson Blue Jasper
2nd Ann O’ Grady Kinvara
3rd Rebecca Kennedy Stringer
=4th Ray O’ Neill Alvaro V
=4th Danielle Quinlivan Barney
=4th Danielle Quinlivan Holly

Class 6 – Intro (Junior) SECT. A

Place Rider Horse
1st Patrick Dennehy Dino
2nd Amelia Furnell Beth
3rd Shona Meagher Kilrush Green
4th Aoife Goodwin-Boers Robbie
5th Lauren Hegarty Tinkerbell
6th Cathal Shiels Misty

Class 6 – Intro (Junior) SECT. B

Place Rider Horse
1st Clodagh O’ Sullivan Cragroe Lad
2nd Ellie O’ Hanrahan Clonroche Echo
3rd Charlotte Butler Smokey Biscuit
4th Alison Geary Glee
5th Sarah Ahern Lastic
6th Keira Ahern BB Buddy

Class 7 – Pre-Intro (Senior)

Place Rider Horse/Pony
1st Karen McGrath Gizmo
2nd Danielle Quinlivan Ellie Que
3rd Danielle Quinlivan Pretty Polly

Class 8 – Pre-Intro (Junior)

Place Rider Horse
1st Michael O’ Sullivan Murphy Brown
=2nd Nicole Lynch Chester
=2nd Doieann Nyhan Sir Beamish
4th Marcella O’ Connor Don’t Look Down
5th Robyn O’ Neill Inse Duchess
=6th Eighlish Myers Piglet
=6th Hannah O’ Flaherty Micki

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